Our Mission

Welcome to the

Lunigiana International Music Festival!

Based on an idea of local musicians, Andrea Rossi, Tuscany Opera Ensemble Conductor and trombonist, and Chantal Balestri, former president of the World Piano Teachers Association (NY section) and concert pianist, the Lunigiana International Music Festival was born in 2018 with its inaugural season which took place in the medieval town of Fivizzano in beautiful Tuscany.

The Festival has two main missions:


The First

The first mission is to provide young talented musicians from all around the world with one of a kind opportunity to be inspired by today world-renowned musicians and music pedagogues and to gain further knowledge on the music industry and how to develop a career in it. 

We aim to involve young musicians from every corner in the world, no matter of geographical and financial barriers.



The Second

The second mission is to act as a point of reference in the cultural life in Lunigiana.

The Lunigiana is an amazing region in North Tuscany, and we are so eager to show you the beauty around us. Please check our dedicate section!