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In 2018 we welcomed an extremely talented self-taught Eritrean singer, Benhur Moszaghi, to Lunigiana, offering him a scholarship thanks to American donors and supported in logistics and bureaucracy by the Festival to obtain a passport and visa his arrival in Lunigiana. Benhur, thanks to our contacts, later managed to win a scholarship in the United States where he is now studying and perfecting with the dream of returning to Eritrea and founding a music school in his country.

Being extremely impressed by Benhur’s tenacity and by the positivity of this experience, the team of the Lunigiana International Music Festival strongly wanted to continue to cultivate relationships with associations and people who come from countries where, for various reasons, musical education and international exchanges are limited.

This is why we established a partnership with Rotary Club Lunigiana to continue helping students. In 2022, we welcomed students from Syria and Ukraine. We look forward to continue this new tradition.

More people are involved in supporting musicians, the biggest impact we can have.

700 €

The approximate cost to cover a full scholarship only is approximately 700 Euro (specific fees are written on every specific program)

2000 €

Full scholarship, travel expenses, food and accommodation and bureaucratic costs is approximately 2000 Euro

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Thank You!

Baritone from Eritrea

Benhur attended twice the Festival on a full scholarship thanks to the generous support of our donors.
This is what he said about his donors:
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for helping me achieve my dream to be able to participate in a classical music festival, so that it can pave a way for me to pursue proper study and finally have a career in the art form I desired since I were a little kid. At first it seemed improbable that I would be able to go there until you and people like you courageously and generously donated for me. I just can’t tell how much your generosity has helped me and absolutely opened a path for me to connect to a wonderful teacher in a wonderful festival. (…) By helping me go to that festival, an avalanche of hopeful opportunities hopefully will come rumbling my way to, push me go further to make my dreams a reality.

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