Scholarships & Fellowships


Scholarships will be offered to students based on financial need according to our funding. Please mention your request in your application and present a motivation letter of at least 100 words along with your application material. Scholarships are offered on. a first-come, first served.


Collaborative Piano Fellowship

Piano students can apply as collaborative piano fellows (accompanying singers and instrumentalists) by showing their experience on that field. If selected, they will obtain a 250 Euro discount on their tuition fees

More fellowships opportunities

Please ask about internship and fellowships opportunities here.

(media intern / social media intern / Residence Assistant / Photographer e.g. )

Special Rotary Club Scholarship

The applications info for the 2023 edition will be published by the end of January

Young musicians who aim to have a career in music, and come from/reside in countries whose economic situation is not the most prosperous and favourable towards music education, and never had the chance to leave their own country are invited to apply for the special Rotary Club Scholarship. The club wants to encourage the winning student to further his/her education by doing their first international experience with renowned faculty members.

What it covers

The Rotary Club Lunigiana will cover the following:

TUITION FEE for all Festival activities
FLIGHT-costs (standard flights, economy class)
BOARD and LODGING for the whole length of the Festival

How to apply

Follow the instructions on the Application here and make sure to include these further steps.


Mention “SPECIAL SCHOLARSHIP ROTARY” in your application form.


Video can be made with a cellphone and it is enough just a piece of music between 2-5 minutes.


Send a request letter of at least 200 words either in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese. Shorter letters will not be considered.


Application material and any question inquiry should be sent here.