Fivizzano & Lunigiana

Welcome to Fivizzano!

“Wonderful Fivizzano became the stage of this initiative which attracted musicians from all over around the world. In the land of the Medici, these musicians were able to meet, grow as professionals, and make music together. Thanks to the music, Fivizzano and the Lunigiana became a meeting place for exchanging mutual cultures and knowledge, encouraging tolerance and peace among peoples.”


The Best Venue

Lunigiana (pronounced Loonee-janna) is a magical part of Tuscany starting with its name, the “Land of the Moon.” The hills that encircle Lunigiana create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. It is one of the few spots in Italy where within half an hour you can go from skiing in the Apennines to swimming at one of the most beautiful Italian beaches in Cinque Terre.

Lunigiana and its towns, including Fivizzano, have been likened to a magical kingdom. It is not only the breath-taking scenery with its abundance of medieval castles, but you simply feel a huge sense of wellbeing radiating from the sunshine, glorious countryside, delicious food and wine, kind and friendly locals and most importantly, from the sense of tradition and community amongst people here that is rarely seen in modern day life.