JULY 23 – AUGUST 2 2020
Application deadline – July 10
Acceptance notification – July 15
Awards announcement – August 2
This online edition will be available on ZOOM. Don’t have the app? Download here!

Webinar + Masterclasses

Each professor gives a masterclass to three selected students. Each session is introduced by a webinar and concluded with a Q&A.


Each active applicant has the chance to be awarded with one of our multiple concerts and recording opportunities in Italy and the USA.


Every active applicant has the opportunity to perform in one of our three concerts, choosing to present pre-recorded material and/or performing live music.

Guest Artists SERIES

Prominent Guest Artists give webinars on topics relevant to a musician’s education and career.

Global Leaders series

Music leaders will present how to make a difference in the world through music.


At the end of each masterclass or webinar, applicants can speak directly with Professors and Guests.

Welcome evenT

JULY 23 at 14:15
GMT + 2 (Rome)


With the Artistic Director, staff members and every applicants: time to get to know each others!

Webinar + Masterclasses

Happening LIVE DAILY!

JULY 23 – AUGUST 2 at 15-18
GMT + 2 (Rome)

Structure of the masterclass

GMT + 2 (Rome)

15 – 15:20
Webinar on a specific theme!

15:25 – 17:40
Actual masterclass: 3 students will perform ( 45 minutes each ).

17:45 – 18
Q&A with the students.


Every applicant, even if not selected by the preferred professor for the masterclass, has the possibility to be selected for one or more awards.  

Awards will be assigned based on the application video submitted.

the awards will be chosen by a jury comprised of all the festival professors divided into the categories mentioned above.

  • On August 2nd, at 3pm (Rome time): Winners will be announced by the Artistic Director on streaming on social media.
    Over the following days, winners’ videos will be shared on our Youtube Channel and Social Media.

Sheva Collection

A professional recording with the Label Sheva Collection

Associazione Musica Viva

A Piano Recital and a Chamber Music/Strings Recital in the “Torino Chamber Music Festival” 2021 Season


1 Recital in the Tuscan
“Giovani in Musica”
2021 Season

New York

New York
Concert Debut


I Concerti Nel Tempo

A Solo Concerto with the ICNT Orchestra in Rome for the  2021 Season


A recital in the “Lunedí di Ariadimusica” 2021 season.

Lunigiana International Music Festival 2021

A concert in Lunigiana during the next edition

Lunigiana International Music Festival 2021

A Full Scholarship to participate  in the next LIMF edition.

Lunigiana International Music Festival 2021

Three partial scholarships to partecipate in the next LIMF edition.


Clavicembalo Verde

A concert in the 2021 Season

University of Silesia, Cieszyn (Poland)

International Piano Music Education Symposium

A piano recital and Active Participation in the Festival in June 2021

coming soon

Coming Soon

coming soon​

Prominent guest artists will provide a 30 minute webinar including Q&A at the end of the session.

  • Friday, July 24 – 7pm

Francesca Dego

Concert violinist – Deutsche Grammophon Recording Artist
“Freedom of interpretation and Learning to listen”

  • Saturday, July 25 – 11am

Federico Colli

Concert pianist – Leeds Competition winner
“Saving Beauty: how classical music can endure in our times “

  • Sunday, July 26 TBD

Michael Fabiano

Opera Singer – MET Opera

  • Monday, July 27 – 11am

Umberto Clerici

Concert cellist – First cello Sydney Symphony Orchestra
“Time-management secrets”

  • Tuesday, July 28 – 7pm

Filippo Gorini

Concert Pianist – Beethoven Competition Winner
“Create the perfect concert program”

  • Wednesday, July 29 – 11am

Beatrice Rana

Concert Pianist – Van Cliburn Competition prize-winner
“Competitions: how to nail them”

  • Thursday, July 30 – 7pm

Kian Soltani

Concert cellist – Janigro, Davidof & Paulo Competition Winner   “Mental Preparation: before/during/after a performance”

  • Friday, July 31 – 11am

Yury Revich

Concert violinist – ECHO Klassik Award Winner
“How to think out of the box”

  • Saturday, August 1 – 7pm

Blythe Gaissert Levitt

Opera singer – MET Opera
Career choices: pursuing contemporary music”

It is extremely important that young musicians are inspired by successful musicians who are really making the difference in the world on and off the stage. This is why we created the Global Leaders Speakers series in partnership with the “Global Leaders Program” (www.globalleadersprogram.com)  by hosting music leaders to discuss music, diplomacy, social impact, multiculturalism, and cross-genres.
Our guest speakers will be announced here soon!

The LIMF ON SCREEN is open to music students of any age. Applications are open for active participants, as well as auditors which might include music students, music professionals, and general audiences. 

Even if we strongly encourage to attend the events live, we know that you are around the world and in different time zones. This is why we have different times for each event and if you cannot follow them… you can always see them later!

We look forward to seeing you online!

Participant application fees

Tuition free!

Participants who will be returning for the 2021 Edition, application fee will be waived!


100 €


40 € per student
Please choose the right amount related to the number of students
[ 1 student = 40 € ]


  • Application Form
  • Biography/CV
  • High resolution picture
  • Passport copy
  • Video Link

    To be sent to:


  • Recorded after January 1, 2020
  • Maximum 10 minutes of free repertoire
  • Via Youtube ONLY – as an un-listed video never published before.​

The quality of technical devices and instrumentation will not determine the judgment for selection and awards.

Singers/Strings: without piano or with tracks. Pianists: keyboards or pianos not perfectly in tune. Chamber musicians: videos created through a software

Auditor application fee

Per online EVENT

10 €
Limited availability
Please choose the right amount related to the number of online events to follow
[ 1 event = 10 € ]

FESTIVAL full access

50 €
Limited availability

For supporters

starting 200 €
to support scholarships for the next edition
  • Free 2021 LIMF Concerts
  • Participation in a special party with staff members (TBD)