Welcome to Fivizzano!

Based on an idea of Andrea Rossi, music director of the Tuscany Opera Ensemble and a member of the Associazione Musicale “G. Verdi” of Fivizzano, and Chantal Balestri, pianist at New York University, in collaboration with the Municipal Administration of Fivizzano (MS), the Lunigiana International Music Festival was born in 2018 with its inaugural season which took place in the medieval town of Fivizzano in beautiful Tuscany.

“Wonderful Fivizzano became the stage of this initiative which attracted musicians from all over around the world.
In the land of the Medici, these musicians were able to meet, grow as professionals, and make music together.
Thanks to the music, Fivizzano and the Lunigiana became a meeting place for exchanging mutual cultures and knowledge, encouraging tolerance and peace among peoples.”

Andrea Rossi and Chantal Balestri
Founders of the LIMF

Chantal Balestri

Artistic Director

Chantal Balestri is a versatile classical musician active in the European & American music scenes. She has concertized as a soloist, chamber musician and in ensemble of contemporary music at important venues, including the Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall and at Lincoln Center in New York. She studied in Italy, Germany and USA and currently is a staff pianist at New York University and a faculty member of musical academies in New York. Founder of the Festival “Amicizia in Musica” in 2015, since then she works as a promoter and organizer of international music festivals.

Andrea Rossi


Trombonist and orchestra conductor, Andrea did his studies in Italy and Europe, including the ‘Florence Sinfhonietta’ with Piero Bellugi in Florence, the Frederick Chopin Academy of Music in Warsaw with Szymon Kawalla e in Woergl (Austria) with Gustav Kuhn. Since then, he has conducted orchestras such as the Statal Concert Orchestra of Minsk (Bielorussia), the Swietokrzyska Philharmonic in Kielce e Statal Philharmonic Orchestra “Koszalinska” in Koszalin (Polonia). President of the Verdi Association in Fivizzano, since 2009 he is also the musical director and conductor of the “Puccini ‘Opera Ensemble”, then the “Tuscany Opera Ensemble”.

Our staff members

Giuliana La Monaca

International Concerts Promotion - Creative Assistant

Born in the south of Italy, Giuliana moved to Milan, graduated from Politecnico di Milano and became an Interior and Exhibition Designer.

She undertook a Master in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York City (2020) and she has worked as Gallery Assistant and as Art Sales Manager.

She gained a deep knowledge of Latin American Art while studying  in Mexico City and Havana.

Giuliana currently resides in Rome, where she’s taking a Master Degree in Arts and Culture Management at Rome Business School.

Bianca Panichi

Fundraiser Coordinator



Bianca is from Tuscany. She holds a bachelor degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs at Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

Furthermore, she has had the opportunity to study in Nancy (France) and Bologna and got a Master in International Management where she developed team working and public speaking skills.

Bianca is part of the Italian Youth Association of UNESCO as a fundraiser. Her role is to promote initiatives and events organized at a national level through the active participation of young people.

Ilaria Bacherini

Fundraising Assistant Manager


Born in Florence, studied humanistic studies, then she specialized in communication and marketing.

In 2008, she arrives in Lunigiana and she fell in love right away with the little town of Quarazzana (Fivizzano).

Almost uninhabited, she decided to revive it by creating a new Bed&Breakfast connected to the arts. An old house from XV was totally rebuilt and the “Luna di Quarazzana” was founded. Enthusiast, passionate about arts in every aspect, food lover, Ilaria hosts travelers and artists from all around the world.

Camilla Zamponi

Social Media Manager &Communication Assitant


Camilla was born in Pistoia (Tuscany), and worked as social media manager while  in Germany for a new-opening restaurant managing its social media and website page. Her international background brought her in many countries: firstly she attended a two-months intense English course in the US, and then she concluded her second year bachelor’s in Germany. Her studies have involved several experiences also from a practical and professional point of view: she attended a carrier-focused course in Valencia (Spain) within a school project and did a stage in Zittau (Gemany) in the field of communication, tourism and social media management.

This scenario has to do with her true passion: languages and communication, which have led her to surround herself within an international environment and to travel.

She graduated in international and diplomatic sciences and is now a Master’s Candidate in International Management at Rome Business School. She speaks fluently English, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Jenny Ji Eun Park

Co-Artistic Coordinator
Music Ed. Lecturer

Korea/the USA

American Korean pianist Jenny-Jieun Park is based in New York as an active soloist, chamber musician, and educator. She has been privileged to concertized internationally throughout her career, including venues such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Dohnányi Hall, and PyeongChang Hall.

A top prize winner of numerous international competitions, she brings meaningfully conceptualized performances to audiences in North Americas, Europe and Asia. She holds degrees from the Cleveland Institute of Music and New York University under the tutelage of pianists Antonio Pompa-Baldi and Alexander Kobrin. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Music and Music Education at the Columbia University.

 She is Creative Director at Performers.Lu, an artist management company, where she host recital series for Luxembourg artists in New York City. Recently, she served as an administrative staff at Atlantic Music Festival and as a coordinator of student services at the Rebecca Penneys Piano Festival.

Fabio Luccini

Concert Season Promoter


Born and raised in Lunigiana, a territory he loves and to which he is extremely attached. These reasons lead him to a strong interest and commitment in the promotion of initiatives that give prestige and opportunities to the territory.

Since years, he is engaged in socially impactful activities, including being a member of the Board of Directors of “Cio nel cuore”, APS Onlus based in Pontremoli, that promotes and supports solidarity initiatives throughout the territory of Lunigiana, with particular attention to recreational and educational activities to support the world of sports and school, the enhancement of cultural, historical, artistic, natural heritage, and activities related to the health sector.

Fabio is working on a new project on disability, arts and communication and he is looking forward to contribute to the cultural change that is now happening in Lunigiana.

Flavia Guerrieri

Promotion Assistant (Europe)


Born in Rome, Flavia is a global citizen who lived around the world during the last 20 years and helped her two children grow across continents.

She worked as a consultant for ERIN SA. and SITEL, along with many other national and international organizations, including dealing with the complexity of the corridors of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. In addition to assisting MEPs, she carried out research work for the Foreign Affairs Committee.

However, her true passion is what she has been doing as an amateur since childhood: ballet! This together with her love for the Arts, has brought her to volunteer regularly in Dance Companies in Costa Rica and with the Consulate General of Italy in Guangzhou, China. Her duties included: communication, promotion, PR, production and Project Management.

Flavia has an MA in International Relations and a Diploma as interpreter-translator and she’s a Master’s Candidate in Arts and Culture Management at Rome Business School. Flavia speaks fluently English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Anita Lee

Promotion Assistant (Asia)
Music Education Curator

Taiwan / Canada

Anita Lee is a violinist and international educator who taught both music and language acquisition across countries including Canada, the USA, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Anita started learning violin at the age of 5 and continued studying with various renowned musicians. Anita was a member of IVAN-Formosa Quartet and received First Prize of the Young Musicians Chamber Music 58th Annual Competition in Canada. Anita has been also an active member in orchestras and is currently a member of Tianjin Juilliard Orchestra.

As an educator, Anita focuses on providing underserved children with quality and sustainable access to music learning and performing opportunities. She has worked with El Sistema Japan and hosted workshops on music education for teachers in Nepal. Anita was also part of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silkroad Project where she worked towards developing the Arts and Passion-Driven Learning project for arts educators in Boston.

Anita holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of British Columbia, specializing in orchestral performance, linguistics, and education. She completed her second master’s degree in education at Harvard University. Anita is currently a faculty member at the Tianjin Juilliard School.


Applications are officially open, do not lose the opportunity to meet many musicians from all around the world and to play along with them in wonderful Lunigiana (Tuscany, Italy). Also, you will get so many things to do: lessons, masterclasses, seminars, italian classes and even a concerto competition with many possible awards!

Scholarships and fellowships are available.

For any further information we are always here to help.
Just write to: info@lunigianamusicfestival.com

Best wishes,
LIMF Co-Founders